Belize is considered a haven for avid bird watchers and nature lovers.  In excess of 580 species of birds have been recorded and identified in the country.  These include both migratory and resident birds.  The location of  the New River Lagoon and the lush  jungles surrounding the Lamanai Archaeological Site makes this area a natural paradise for birders.  Most of the exotic birds in Belize can be found in this area.  It has a combination of both exotic wetand and forest birds.


Birding is very time consuming and can take all day or night.  It is best for one to leave early and capitalize on daylight hours.  Birding is an all day event with the boat leaving early in the mornings and returning late in the evenings.  We guarantee our customers that they will see a wide variety of exotic wetland and forest  birds.

                              BRINGING YOU CLOSE TO NATURE

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