In addition, the marshlands around the lagoon supports many species of water birds and wildlife, including crocodiles and manatees.   Lamanai is spread out along the west bank of the New River Lagoon at a point where the New River flows from the lagoon on its 80-mile journey, north to Chetumal Bay and the Caribbean Sea.  Our tour to the Lamanai Archeological site is a combination of a scenic tour through the New River and the New River Lagoon with the final destinations being  the mayan site of Lamanai.


The New River, also Rio Nuevo, is a river in northern Belize. As the longest river that is entirely confined to Belize, it drains primarily the eastern part of the Orange Walk District during its north-northeasterly course and empties into the Chetumal Bay.

The river forms also the New River Lagoon, the largest body of fresh water in Belize, just east to the Maya temples of Lamanai. The New River is a habitat to numerous types of fish, birds, as well as crocodiles,  and manatees and is the source of drinking water for various other fauna living in the exotic jungle which it borders.

The New River, known to the Maya as Dzuluinicob ("foreign men") was one of the main arteries used by the conquering Spaniards and missionizing friars as they attempted to penetrate the forests of the Maya lowlands.

Sitings on one of our river expeditions includes the locals fishing for food, crocodiles sunbathing, manatees feeding, howler monkeys, iguanas and various specie of birds and other wildlife.

The New River also serves as the main means of transportation  of sugar which is milled in the Orange Walk District and transported via barges from the sugar factory to Belize City where it is exported.

For a fun-filled  educational family day, one can rent a boat with one of our experienced captains/guide and meander aimlessly  down the New River at one's own pace passing through the town  of Orange Walk while  having a cocktail of your choice,  fishing and enjoying the sites simultaneously.

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